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“Yes, Creation!” Lecture Series

For immediate release – Geoscience Research Institute: An Institute of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

The doctrine of creation will take center stage amid the hustle and bustle of elections, committees, worship and pageantry at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in Atlanta this June. A major lecture series, “Yes, Creation!”, is to be held during noon and evening break times. “Yes, Creation!” will feature some of the best minds in Adventism exploring theological and scientific implications of creation. The thirty-three unique presentations will be short, informative and faith-affirming. Expert “Yes, Creation!” speakers range from theologians to scientists, pastors, graduate students and church administrators. A detailed schedule of talks is available at the General Conference Faith and Science Council website:

“Significant effort has been made to ensure these presentations are accessible to all interested church members,” says Timothy Standish, a research scientist at the Geoscience Research Institute and organizer of the lectures. “This is not to be a dry scholarly discussion of theoretical issues. Confusing academic jargon is out, clarity is in. Those who attend these practical and inspiring lectures will leave better informed about the issues and empowered with more reasons for faith in and worship of our Creator God.” Standish emphasized that these presentations are for everyone: pastors, administrators, students, teachers, parents and anyone else interested in the creation.

Spanish, French and Portuguese lectures will be featured in addition to English. The diversity of languages reflects Adventists’ diversity, as do the twenty-five “Yes, Creation!” speakers who come from as far away as Africa, South America and Australia, and as close as the United States. Across the entire spectrum of Adventism, belief in the Biblical creation serves both as glue unifying the church and as an organizing principle on which other Adventist beliefs are built. This is why the Biblical creation is featured in at least seven Seventh-day Adventist fundamental beliefs. In “Yes, Creation!” pastors will share practical experience of how the doctrine of creation enriches their ministries, graduate students will relate why creation is essential to their worldview, administrators will affirm Adventist’s belief in a recent literal creation as described in the Bible, scientists will point out ways in which the creation testifies to its Creator.

“Yes, Creation!” will be presented in room B311 of the Georgia World Congress Center, adjacent to the Georgia Dome. Sessions will be from 12:10 to 1:50 PM and 5:10 to 6:50 PM. Each session will comprise three lectures and each lecture will be unique, with none being repeated. Those interested in the creation are also encouraged to visit the GRI booth located on Aisle 300, space 316 in the Exhibition Hall. Staff fluent in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese will be available along with limited materials in these languages and some fascinating fossils.

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