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Belief in the literal six-day creation described in the Bible is central to the Seventh-day Adventist faith. This historical event is also a central theme of the Bible, not just a mythical origins story that covers its first few pages. Because of this, Adventists have included the doctrine of creation in their Statement of Fundamental Beliefs. The sixth fundamental belief included in this statement deals with the creation:

6. Creation:
God is Creator of all things, and has revealed in Scripture the authentic account of His creative activity. In six days the Lord made “the heaven and the earth” and all living things upon the earth, and rested on the seventh day of that first week. Thus He established the Sabbath as a perpetual memorial of His completed creative work. The first man and woman were made in the image of God as the crowning work of Creation, given dominion over the world, and charged with responsibility to care for it. When the world was finished it was “very good,” declaring the glory of God. (Gen. 1; 2; Ex. 20:8-11; Ps. 19:1-6; 33:6, 9; 104; Heb. 11:3.)

Since this fundamental belief was adopted by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in 1980, some have questioned whether it could be misread in various ways to mean something other than belief in a recent literal six-day creation. To address any possible ambiguity, a group of Adventist scholars presented a document entitled “An Affirmation of Creation” to the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in 2003. Responding to this document, the 2004 General Conference Spring Council voted a second document entitled “Response to an Affirmation of Creation.” Both documents affirm “[T]he Seventh-day Adventist understanding of the historicity of Genesis 1-11: that the seven days of the Creation account were literal 24-hour days forming a week identical in time to what we now experience as a week.”

Seventh-day Adventist beliefs are firmly aligned with the theme of creation that pervades Scripture both in the Old and New Testaments. Both testaments affirm the literal six-day creation (Genesis 1 and 2Exodus 20:8-11Exodus 31:12-18Hebrews 4:4) and point forward on the basis of this to the hope Christians share in the second advent of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Because we know He created a perfect world before sin, Christians can have reasonable faith that Jesus Christ will restore the creation to that original perfect state now that He has overcome sin for us.

Follow these links for lists of creation texts that describe the creation or refer to it as a literal historical reality in the Old Testament and New Testament.

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